Product Features

In-Depth Analytics Icon

In-Depth Analytics

Recognize growth opportunities and future trends.

Live Benchmarking Icon

Live Benchmarking

Track results against your peers of like-size at a regional & national level.

Monthly SWOT Reports Icon

Monthly SWOT Reports

Sent directly to you identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your growth.

Automatic Metric Results Icon

Automatic Metric Results

Save time with updated metrics on a daily basis.

Frequent Enhancements Icon

Frequent Enhancements

We field requests from our users and implement new features on a frequent basis free of cost.

Daily Snap Shot Icon

Daily Snap Shot

Capture a brief view on how your practice performed yesterday

Track Your Workforce Icon

Track Your Workforce

Measure performance amongst employees to identify who's excelling and who's falling behind.

Custom Consultation Icon

Custom Consultation

Guides you in choosing the business management solutions specific to your needs.

PMS/EHR Integration Icon

PMS/EHR Integration

Your data is pulled nightly into our fully secure cloud data storage using HIPAA requirements.

Customer Support Icon

Customer Support

One hour customer support response commitment. Any questions while using our service and we're ready to help!

Game Center Icon

Game Center

Have fun designing a challenge to increase practice revenue. We track your performance for you.

Missed Opportunities Icon

Missed Opportunities

True data analytics to determine your potential revenue opportunities based on your current practice performance.

ABB Analyze Team Demo

Our purpose is to help doctors and organizations succeed by making business analytics simple. We save them time and allow them to focus on patients. We show them where they can improve. Let us show you how easy it is to work with us today.